Welsh Lamb’s first class appearance at student fair

Students from Cardiff Metropolitan University will graduate this week with academic credentials and an understanding of the versatility of Welsh Lamb.

HCC was proud to support students from the School of Healthcare and Food with their New Product Development module earlier this year. PGI Welsh Lamb was supplied so that new mouth-watering recipes could be developed for the ready-meal market. 

Following a period of lectures on the new product development process - including costs, availability of resources, marketing and the stage gate process from concept to launch - the students were briefed to develop a meal using boneless lamb breast. They were also encouraged to explore innovative ideas and consider preparation and cooking methods to maximize flavour and texture.

The project resulted in three PGI Welsh Lamb recipes including: pulled Welsh Lamb breast in ginger gravy with rosemary mash; Moroccan style Welsh Lamb curry; and Italian style pulled Welsh Lamb breast served with Charlotte potatoes.

These recipes were then showcased at Cardiff Metropolitan University’s New Product Development Fair earlier this year, where HCC and other supporting organisations were invited to sample the final products.

HCC’s Deanna Leven, Export Market Development Executive attended the fair: “I was impressed by the innovative ideas and it was clear that much thought had gone in to develop the initial concepts leading to fabulous fast food. We hope that the students were inspired by the task and realise the scope of new product development and the suitability of Welsh Lamb for ready-meals.

“As consumers favour less involvement with the basic meal-making processes because of increasing time constraints, it is important that people are aware of all the Welsh Lamb cuts on offer, their versatility and ease of preparation.”

Simon Dawson, Lecturer in Food Science and Technology at Cardiff Metropolitan University said:“This has proven to be an excellent student learning tool. Each year we try to introduce new ideas to ensure we are following the market. In previous years, we have had some students’ NPD projects being developed and launched by food manufacturers, highlighting the success of both the student and the learning experience.”

HCC will work with Cardiff Metropolitan University on a similar project again this year, and we will be looking at ready to cook meals using different cuts of Welsh Lamb.