Welsh Processors Chase Millions At World’s Greatest Marketplace

A multi-million pound export bonanza in 2016 for branded PGI Welsh Lamb is the target for Wales’ top red meat exporters as they seek new sales outlets at the world’s biggest food marketplace this weekend.

HCC has hosted, facilitated and promoted a sales mission of leading processors from all parts of Wales to ANUGA, the Cologne-based largest and most important, food show in the world. They will play their part in a strategic networking and sales programme over the five days of the show (October 10-14) with the aim of ramping up exports to key territories across Europe and the world in the coming twelve months.

HCC’s specialist team of European agents will open the doors for the processors to  meet importers and will host a reception to encourage others to engage with the team of exporters, which includestrades representatives from Randall Parker Foods, Dunbia, 2 Sisters Food Group, Fairfield Meat Company and Menai Meats.

“This trade fair is enormous,” said Laura Pickup, HCC’s Marketing Manager. “It plays a central role in influencing the UK’s current near £400 million lamb exports each year and it is vital to any exporting nation’s ambitions for the following twelve months.

“ANUGA has been a centrepoint of HCC’s previous activity in increasing and beginning exports to countries across Europe and ever further afield. Millions of pounds worth of deals are either struck here or introduced as the Show paves the way for the crucial activity that takes place in the weeks and months following the important initial contacts that are made.

“We will be able to look back on these five days in a few months time as pivotal in 2016’s export drive for premium branded PGI Welsh Lamb,” said Ms Pickup.