John Hyland

Project: Reducing the environmental impact of the Welsh ruminant sector

Type: PHD

Institution: Bangor University

Livestock production systems need to change in the face of climate change. To increase current production and income levels, systems must become more resilient while at the same time act in an environmentally responsible manner.

My PhD focus is on reducing the environmental impact of the red meat sector in Wales. Research is increasingly focusing on developing mitigation methods that can help alleviate the environmental impact of livestock production.

However, it is equally important for policy-makers to understand how farmers will react to climate change, and in particular how they would respond to initiatives and regulation that aim to reduce environmental impact of livestock systems. This understanding can be obtained through examining farmers’ perceptions towards climate change and the wider environment, and forms the initial component of my research.

This information can then be used to help industry leaders and policy-makers develop more effective and practical strategies for the agricultural sector. The next stages of the PhD focuses on how the adoption of specific measures will help the Welsh red meat sector meat its own targets as set out in HCC’s environmental roadmap.